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Relieve a little holiday strain – hire someone to install your Christmas lights and decorations

Over the years, fewer and fewer homes are decorating with Christmas lights this time of year. Frankly, it’s a hassle. You have to climb into the attic and dig the lights and decorations out from where you stored them last year, if you put them up last year at all. You have to pull the ladder out of the garage and climb around the house trying not to fall. You hate to join those who have stopped putting up their lights but there must be a better way.

There is. Hire someone else to put up your Christmas lights. One such company is Northern Illinois Windows of McHenry.

“This time of year, we put up Christmas lights for homes and businesses in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin,” said owner Bill Thomas. “A lot of people don’t want to the hassle, are too busy or are worried about climbing ladders.”

Thomas said his crew has the experience to handle installing lights and decorations even on the largest homes and businesses in the area. They do a professional job so it doesn’t look like someone was just trying to get it done.

“When we’re done, our customers can take pride in the lights and decorations on their homes,” he said.

Thomas said his crew does more than just put up lights. They also take them down. And, in the offseason, they store the lights. The following year, all a homeowner or business manager has to do is call and say, “Can you come out and put up our lights and decorations now?”

Customers can even schedule a year ahead of time to have their lights and decorations installed. In that case, they don’t even have to call, though they’ll receive a call letting them know a crew is coming out in a day or two.

This is festive time of year made all the more festive when streets are lined by homes and businesses adorned with sparkling lights and colors. It’s also a hectic time of year. Most people have enough things on their plates without worrying about putting up holiday lights and decorations. Hiring a company to do it for them relieves them of the strain.

Window cleaners turn to holiday decorators this time of year

Jack admires the Christmas lights on the house across the street. Usually, he puts lights up on his house, too, but not this year, not after his accident.

Leaha would like to join her neighbors in celebrating the holidays with some lights for Hanukah but, with her son living half-a-country away, at 72, it’s probably not a good idea to climb a ladder.

Ron and Linda have Christmas decorations and they have a solid ladder. They just don’t have the time to put up the lights this year.

All of these people, and more, may skip putting up holiday decorations this year. Their reasons for doing so are valid. But, there is another way where all of these people can fully participate in the season and share their holiday spirit with friends and neighbors. Some companies, such as Northern Illinois Windows in McHenry, offer holiday decoration services.

“For one reason or another, some people can’t put up lights and decorations for the holidays,” said Bill Thomas, the owner of Northern Illinois Windows. “In some cases, they want their decorations up but they’d rather not do it themselves. In either case, we can help.”

Most of the year, Northern Illinois Windows is cleaning or putting tinted window film on windows. They also clean gutters and put gutter guards on gutters. But, when the holidays approach, they also offer a holiday decorating service.

“And we’ll come out to take the decorations down, too,” said Thomas. “Even if you enjoy the family tradition of putting up the lights and decorations, in the bitter cold of January, you may want to skip the hassle of taking them down again.”

Thomas said the cost depends on how many decorations and on the house. A ranch will generally cost a little less than putting decorations on a two- or three-story house.

“We’ll also put decorations out for businesses,” he said. “You know, we really enjoy this kind of work, especially when we drive by at night and see a house all lit up with decorations we put up for a customer. It feels like we’re adding to the festive nature of the season.”

Thomas said that his crews have put up holiday decorations for years; they’re professionals and do a professional job.

Thomas said folks can call him for a quote to put up (and take down) holiday decorations at 815-385-6646.

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