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A great Mother’s Day present? Hire someone to clean the house and clean the windows

clean windows for Mother's Day
Struggling to think of a special gift for mom on Mother's Day? How about the gift of clean windows?

How many of us struggle to find that exceptionally wonderful gift for mom each year at Mother’s Day? Flowers, a box of chocolates, and dinner at a nicer restaurant, are the staples of Mother’s Day gifts. And, they’re appreciated. Mom would probably tell you that you don’t need to get her anything else. But, you know in your heart that, if you could take that Mother’s Day gift to the next level, Mom would just love it. So, how about hiring someone to do some of chores around the house, such as hiring someone to clean or wash the windows?

Those staples of Mother’s Day giving are so expected that they’re kind of boring. There’s no surprise. It’s kind of like buying a tie for Dad every Father’s Day. You watch him feign excitement but everyone knows he’s only appreciative that you took the time to acknowledge him on this day, as mom reacts when you acknowledge her with flowers, chocolate and dinner.

It’s not that you shouldn’t take her out for dinner. And the flowers and chocolates are still nice. But, imagine her surprise when she finds out that a crew of professionals will arrive at the house to clean – and clean the windows. She can sit back, smell the flowers and enjoy the chocolates while a cleaning service does a professional job of giving the house a professional cleaning. And, she can enjoy the flowers and chocolate while gazing out windows that clean and streak free after the professionals cleaned the windows for Mother’s Day.

Taking Mother’s Day giving to another level is not difficult. On Mother’s Day, you can give mom a certificate so she can schedule to have the windows cleaned when she’s ready. Or, and there’s still time with Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 15, you can schedule the cleaning to occur a few days before or after the holiday. That way, she’ll have nothing to do but enjoy the flowers and chocolates.

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