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Is there a difference between cleaning windows with wood or vinyl frames?

clean windows
Is there a difference between cleaning windows with
wooden window frames and windows with vinyl
window frames?
Glass is glass. So, when it comes to cleaning a window with a wood frame, or a window with a vinyl frame, the glass really won’t care. Is that to say there isn’t any difference? Not exactly.

In both cases, you’ll want to wipe the frames clean and dry. Who wants a clean window in a dirty frame? But, it’s also a matter of removing moisture from the frame. In the case, of the vinyl framed window, the biggest concern is spotting. If you don’t wipe that moisture away it will dry and leave spots.

Water can have a more damaging effect on a wood window frame. Moisture softens wood. It invades wood. It inspires mold and rot in wood. This is why it’s essential to paint and/or seal the wood frames of your windows. After all, they won’t just experience moisture when you wash your windows; they’ll also experience moisture from rain, snow, dew and that dew can also appear on the inside of your windows.

On the inside of your windows, that dew is called condensation. Of course, the moisture doesn’t care what it’s called. It will insidiously rob your wood window frames of their integrity if you’re not careful. Careful means sealing and/or painting your wood window frames with sufficient regularity. It also means wiping off moisture that collects on your windows, whether that moisture appears from the skies, from the atmosphere or from a squeegee wiping soapy water from the windows during the cleaning process.

Sometimes, wood frames are more of a hassle to clean. This is the case when the glass is divided by what are called ‘true divides.’ True divides are what you find in windows that are made up of smaller pieces of glass with frames built into the overall frame of a window. While you might find this with vinyl windows it’s rather rare. Instead, with vinyl windows, the appearance of ‘true divides’ is achieved by putting dividers in between the sheets of glass in a thermal-pane window. You have two full sheets of glass sandwiched over directive dividers.

With wood true divides, each piece of glass has to be cleaned individually. Then you have more frames to wipe and dry, and that can be a real pain.

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