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Why worry? Have the pros put up your Christmas lights this year

falling off a ladder Christmas lights
Just think, your home could look like this and no one has to risk falling off a
ladder to get it that way, assuming you hire professionals to do the job.
You’ve got plenty of time before you have to start worrying about putting up the Christmas lights and decorations. But, why wait when you can start worrying now?

Of course, it’s worth all the effort, isn’t it? The lights are so beautiful, if your husband takes his time and does a good job. Even if he rushes through it, you can always squint your eyes when you look at the house and the haphazard way he threw the lights at the house.

How much time he spends – how much attention he gives to detail – when putting up the lights and decorations usually depends on the weather. If it’s a nice late-autumn day, he’ll take his time. He’ll make sure every Christmas light is in its place and every light is lighted. But, if he’s out there on a bitterly cold and window day, possibly in freezing rain or snow, consider yourself lucky if the lights go up at all.

The truth is, you don’t have to worry about it now. You can put off worrying – worrying about the hassle of digging the lights out of the attic, checking the light strings to make sure they work, and hoping they’ll still work after your husband puts them up on the house. You can wait to worry when the holiday draws nearer.  But, there is another choice – don’t worry at all.

Not worrying at all may sound ridiculous. Why, it’s almost a Christmas tradition to worry, isn’t it?
And, how will the lights get up if you don’t worry. So far, we haven’t even mentioned about how you’ll worry that your husband will fall off the ladder while putting up the Christmas lights.

If he falls from the ladder, hopefully, all that happens is he gets hurt a big – breaks a leg or arm – anything but his neck. Still, he hasn’t fallen off a ladder while putting up the lights in the last 20-or-so holiday seasons; why would he fall now? And yet, he is getting older. Can he climb the ladder, and work on top of the ladder, as safely as he has in the past?

So, how does that fit into not worrying? Imagine putting up the lights without sending your husband up a ladder. It’s possible. You can actually have someone else put up the Christmas lights. It’s a present for your husband – he doesn’t have to brave the weather and the ladder. And it’s a present for you – you don’t have to worry if he’s not going up the ladder where professionals are.

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