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Security in the shade with 3M window film in the Chicago area

3M+glass+security3M window film is a wonderful thing. It can cut the glare of the sun. It even blocks 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultra-violet rays. Those UV rays will bleach out your carpet, furnishings and, if you own a business, your display products before you know it. The damage the sun can do is far more significant than you might imagine. But, 3M window film will do more than that.

3M window film also offers significant benefits in terms of security

Take a hammer to a window and the outcome is quite predictable. One swing of the hammer and the glass will almost assuredly shatter into hundreds of pieces. But, with 3M window film, the glass may break but the pieces will hold together. The hammer-wielding assailant will have to really work at it to make their way through the glass.

In other words, glass won’t keep someone out indefinitely, but it will slow them down. This will give you time to react. You’ll almost assuredly hear them pounding on the window. Then, you can call the police or otherwise prepare yourself to respond to their intentions, whatever those intentions might be.

When the window fails to shatter easily into pieces, it generally comes as a surprise to the person with the hammer. It’s a little bit disconcerting.

On the one hand, their plan isn’t going according to hoyle. In the midst of that frustration, they suddenly realize that they’re no longer moving obscurely in the shadows. They’ve blown their cover. Now they have to work fast. But, that darn window continues to spoil their plans. Sure, they’ll work their way through but, by then, there is a good chance the police are on their way. And those inside have the necessary warning to prepare an appropriate reception.

The security benefits of 3M window film go beyond interfering with the plans of intruders; it also restrains the glass in the case of severe winds or explosions.

During WWII, shop owners in England put tape on their windows in an effort to hold the glass together if a German bomb fell nearby during the Battle of Britain. People in the path of hurricanes understand the same principle.

In Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin, the biggest risk of shattering glass is a tornado. The tornado might blow the glass out of the window frame but not the way it would without 3M window film. When glass is shattered by an explosion, hurricane or tornado, it shatters and flies through the air as though it were hundreds of razor blades. People nearby are cut to shreds.

While a tornado is not likely to come down your street and, hopefully, a bomb is far less likely, if any of these do occur, 3M window film can make a world of difference. Whether the glass shatters as a result of a natural occurrence, or a man-made assault, 3M window film can make a life-saving difference.

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