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Woodstock Eye Care applies 3M Kryptonite to windows to protect glass frames

These display glasses were once the same purple color. Sitting in the window of Woodstock Eye Care day after day, unprotected by UV blocking window film, the bottom pair has dramatically faded.

In the summer, you can almost feel the sun blazing through the windows and burning the color out of the products you have on display. At least you don’t have to worry about that during the winter. Wrong.

Even when it’s well below zero outside, when the sun shines in the window, those ultra-violet rays are at work draining the color out of everything in their path. There are exceptions but that’s only when someone has taken precautions. One such exception is at Woodstock Eye Care, 591 South Eastwood Drive (Route 47), Woodstock.

The optometrists at Woodstock Eye Care are joining that wise group of business owners who laugh in the face of UV rays. How can they act so carefree in spite of the relentless assault from the rays of the sun? The answer is simple – they have some Kryptonite.

Woodstock Eye Care provides the highest quality products, including eyeglasses, contacts, optical supplements, sports vision and more. They are specialists in providing the best eye care experience for patients of all ages and treating many different eye conditions, such as myopia, astigmatisms and presbyopia.

In the windows up front and along the side of the building are display racks with a wide range of frames. The problem is that they noticed the sun was doing a number on the display frames. Frames that were once dark or full of color are increasingly gray and faded.

That’s why they called in window experts to provide some Kryptonite. Against the UV rays of the sun, Kryptonite is called UV resistant window film. Their concern was that they would have to apply a heavily tinted film in order to block enough UV rays to make a difference. They were happy to hear that’s not the case.

The industry leading manufacturer of window film is 3M. Their film blocks 99.9 percent of the sun’s UV rays and it doesn’t matter if it’s a deeply tinted Night Vision film or the Neutral 70 film Woodstock Eye Care has chosen – they all block the UV rays the same.

With the 3M Neutral 70 film, prospective clients driving by on Route 47 can still see the frames in the window. Now, however, those frames will last and last with virtually no negative effects from the sun.

To contact Woodstock Eye Care, call (815) 338-0107.

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