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It’s time to say thank you for all those window cleaning referrals

Thank you for window cleaning referrals

Companies use an array of tools to attract business. They advertise in newspapers, radio, television, and magazines. They build Websites and establish social networking accounts to get the word out about their companies. They put up billboards, signs, and paint their logos and message on the side of their vehicles. But, there is nothing better for a business than word-of-mouth marketing.

As much as we rely on word-of-mouth to spread the news about Northern Illinois Windows, it is only fitting and proper that we should take a moment to thank our customers, networking-group partners and friends for all they do recommending us to those who need their windows cleaned, as well as other services.

We take pride that the quality of the service we provide is sufficient that customers and friends feel at ease about the idea of referring us to others who can use our window cleaning and other services. But, providing quality service does not obligate customers to tell others about how we did an exceptional job cleaning their windows; we were compensated when we finished cleaning someone’s windows, or installing 3M window film or cleaning their gutters. 

When you share a good word about NIW with someone, we realize that, doing so, isn’t part of the agreement we made when you contracted us to clean your windows.

So, when someone passes our name along as a referral to another potential customer, while we thank you, we also take that as a compliment and, importantly, as a responsibility.

You’ve spoken highly of us and we have a responsibility to ensure that we live up to the quality expected, based on that referral; we have a responsibility to live up to your good word.

So, with no small measure of gratitude, I say Thank You,

Bill Thomas, Owner
Northern Illinois Windows

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