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Little finger prints on the windows – the kids are back in school – time to put the house back in order

She's still around, putting finger prints on the windows. But, her older brother
and sister are back to school. It's time to put the house back in order.

Time to clean those fingerprints off the windows

 Summer was wonderful, wasn’t it? So, why are you so happy that the little ones are going back to school? Could it be that you actually welcome a little peace and quiet while they’re away for seven hours or so five days each week? Maybe you can start by doing something about the fingerprints they’ve left all over the house, including the fingerprints on the windows.

Yes, you probably did enjoy the time you had with your children this past summer. It doesn’t make you a bad parent that you appreciate they’re going back to school. It makes you normal. As much as you love them, they’re a handful. They’re full of energy and they put their hands all over everything.

Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat by the window looking out on the yard. This is your time. It’s the part of the day when you kick back, take a deep breath and relax. But, as you look out the window, you can’t help but notice the view is distorted by your youngest’s fingerprints. In fact, there’s a set of handprints on the window – a right and a left. In between the handprints it looks as though … no, that is her nose and mouth print on the window.

What was she looking at? Maybe there was a cardinal or a squirrel out in the yard. Maybe it was a rainy summer day and she was looking outside, longingly, wishing she could go out and play. Whatever brought her over to the window, it’s time for these tell-tale signs to go.

It’s not spring cleaning but you’ll still give the house a good once over; you’ll make sure things are clean and in their place. But don’t forget the windows. Your phone is full of photos and videos to help you remember the summer of 2017; you don’t need smears on your windows as reminders.  It’s time to wipe those fingerprints off the windows so you can have your quiet place back unencumbered.

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