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Water-fed poles keep window cleaners off ladders and safely on the ground

You’re the kind of business owner who thinks ahead and considers threats and opportunities and how they could affect your business. You understand the importance of making a positive first impression on potential clients (see our recent blog about businesses making positive first impressions). As part of making a good first impression, you wisely insist on keeping the windows clean. Unfortunately, with a multi-story business, this involves window cleaners climbing on ladders to get to the upper windows.

Of course, you insist that the company cleaning your windows is insured and bonded. Still, it’s a little nerve wracking watching those workers up on the ladders knowing that, with one little misstep, they could fall and hurt themselves. Besides, you don’t want your customers walking under ladders while the windows are washed. If only they didn’t have to climb on ladders to clean your windows.

It turns out there is an alternative to using ladders to clean windows. Qualified window cleaning companies have the right equipment to allow access to upper windows without climbing on ladders. The equipment is called a ‘water-fed pole.’

A hose is connected to the bottom of the water-fed pole. Most water-fed poles can reach up five-stories high. And, five-stories high, they do a great job in the hands of a qualified window cleaning technician. And the job is generally done much quicker; the window cleaners don’t have to climb up and down the ladders – they don’t have to move the ladders.

The point is that, with a water-fed pole, you’ll have clean windows without the worry of someone climbing around on a ladder to get them that way.

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