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Clean gutters perform miracles. A 1,500-square-foot roof will shed 1,000 gallons of water for every inch of rain. Clean gutters keep the drips off your head, protect plants around the home and move the water safely away from the foundation. But, when your gutters are clogged, those miracles turn to nightmares.

Clogged Gutters can …
  • Allow rainwater to seep into your foundation and flood your basement
  • Break due to excessive weight from debris and water
  • Create Ice Dams in Winter where water backs up and damages roof
  • Provide stagnant water where misquotes breed

Never Worry About Gutter Cleaning Again

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Each year, approximately 164,000 Americans fall from ladders requiring emergency-room treatment. Though they only fall from 10 feet or less, 300 of them die (according to NACHI – the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors). Many of these people fall while trying to clean their gutters. Lost wages, pain, inconvenience and medical bills are their reward for their efforts.

Professional gutter cleaners, such as the experts at Northern Illinois Windows, are trained to use ladders safely. Our trained professionals are also insured and bonded.

Depending on the number of trees near your home or office, you should have your gutters cleaned twice annually.

We clean your gutters safely and thoroughly. We leave your gutters in pristine condition and ready for the water to flow.

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